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Memorable Gatherings Start with Yom Tov Settings: Choose Your Style

Modern and stylish disposable plates and bowls from Yom Tov Settings' Trendables Collection.


The right tableware does more than just hold food; it sets the stage for the entire gathering. It’s that special touch that turns an ordinary meal into an event to remember. At Yom Tov Settings, we know that setting a beautiful table shouldn’t break the bank. That's why we specialize in upscale disposable tableware that adds elegance without adding cost. Let's explore how you can choose the perfect tableware to elevate your next gathering.


Finding the Perfect Match for Your Event

The tableware you choose can set the mood of your gathering. Here's a quick guide to find the perfect fit:

Casual Get-togethers:
Want to keep things light and fun? Check out our Trendables collection. With bright colors, modern patterns like botanical prints and checkerboard designs, these plates and bowls add a splash of personality. They’re sturdy and come in different sizes, perfect for everything from appetizers to main dishes.

Formal Dinners:
Our Victorian collection brings old-world elegance to your table. These heavy-duty plates and bowls feature classic designs with gold accents. Think candlelit dinners or important family gatherings. It’s like having grandma’s fine china, but without the worry of breaking it!

Extra Special Occasions:
Planning a wedding or a milestone anniversary? Our Exquisite collection is the ultimate in luxury. Made with intricate patterns, these pieces will make your guests feel like royalty. They're the touch of class that can turn a special day into a magical memory.


Quality You Can Trust, Prices You Can Afford

We know that "disposable" doesn’t have to mean "cheap." Our products look great, and they're built to last. Whether it's the durable plastic of the Trendables and Victorian lines or the refined Exquisite collection, you're getting quality at wholesale prices. Plus, we offer free shipping on all US orders, making it an even better deal!


Tips for a Stunning Table

  • Mix and Match: Don’t be afraid to mix different colors or patterns. Try pairing a solid-colored plate from the Trendables line with a patterned napkin for a vibrant look.
  • Accessorize: We also offer cutlery, barware, serveware, tablecloths, and napkins. These little extras can pull the whole look together.
  • Think About the Entire Meal: Consider how your tableware will work with each course. A small bowl from our Victorian collection might be perfect for a fancy soup starter, while a large Trendables plate can hold a hearty main course.


Great tableware makes a meal special. It’s not just about holding food; it's about expressing character, setting the mood, and adding that extraordinary touch to the ordinary. The little details indeed show your guests how much you care, and at Yom Tov Settings, we make those details both easy and affordable.

With a wide variety of options to suit any occasion - from lively casual get-togethers to elegant weddings - our collections resonate with both style and functionality. Add to this our commitment to free shipping across the United States, and the path to an unforgettable gathering becomes accessible and uncomplicated.

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Why choose mundane when you can pick magic? Visit Yom Tov Settings today and explore the various colors, textures, and designs that await. Find everything you need to set a beautiful table for your next special event.

Embrace elegance without extravagance. Turn moments into memories. Make your next gathering not just a gathering but an exquisite gathering. Because with Yom Tov Settings, every celebration is a statement, and every meal is a masterpiece.